Retrospective Honoring Mina Wright Keller at 105

Today, Mina Wright Keller turns 105. (Happy Birthday, Aunt Mina!) I wish I had some new photo of her to share with you, but I don’t at this point. In honor of her birthday, here is a retrospective of photos that have appeared on this blog in the past (in more-or-less chronological order of when they were taken). Click on any photo to go to the original blog post in which that photo appeared.

Lee, Mina and John in front of the “frame house” on the homestead in Alberta, c. 1921
Anna and Mina, same time and place as above.
Anna and Mina about six years later, June 19, 1927
Mina, Lee and John with their pets, beside the house on Goltra Road, Picture taken on same day as above.
The nine children of John and Minnie Wright, standing beside the house on Goltra Road, Summer 1927. Mina is between Anna and John, front left.
Mina on the porch of the house in Jefferson, in 1928.
John and Mina when they graduated from 8th grade in 1929.
Mina and Anna, later that summer.
Mina in late 1930 or 1931, in front of the house in Jefferson, wearing a costume for a school play or event.
Mina, apparently posing in a rowboat for her photographer brother Lloyd, probably in the vicinity of Jefferson, also taken in late 1930 or 1931.
Mina, Harold (squatting) and Lee above the Santiam River downstream of Jefferson, same time frame as above.
Group at the top of Snow Peak, June 19, 1932. Mina is on the far right.
Mina, on right, with an unidentified woman, Anna and Florence McClain (Mom), c. 1932.
Mina in Huntington Park, California, 1936.
Wedding of Mina Wright and Marion Keller in Huntington Park, September 16, 1938
The children and grandchildren of John and Minnie Wright celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary, December 1951. Marion and Mina are between Hanna and Ann in the back row. Daughter Ann Louise is second from right in the back.
John and Minnie Wright on their 60th wedding anniversary, December 1961, with their children . Mina is front right.
Extended Wright/Hulshof family gathering celebrating the 50th wedding anniversary of Lloyd and Florence Wright, July 1983. Mina is next to Lee and Marie, back left. Marion is behind and right of Mina.
Ed, Lloyd, Mina and Lee at the service for their brother Earl, November 1991
Group at a Wright-Hulshof reunion, August 2001. Mina is looking over Lee’s right shoulder, toward the middle right.
Mina (third from right in back row) on her 100th birthday, with nieces and nephews and daughter Ann Louise (third from left in back row)

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  1. Apparently my laptop has repented from its little snit and it let me back on 7roots (hooray!). Thank you for all those good pictures containing Aunt Mina!!! Wonderful grouping!!!

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