Wright-Hulshof Reunion, Albany, 2001

In August 2001, a reunion of the descendants of John and Minnie Wright and those of Gerrit and Lottie Hulshof was held at Bryant Park, Albany, Oregon. Mom and Dad are not in this photo, though they were still living at the time. It seems like maybe we brought them to the reunion for a while, but had taken them back to the Mennonite Home by the time this photo was taken. Anyone remember for sure?

Between 1991 and 2001, only one of the Wright siblings, Uncle Ed, passed away (in 1994). But Dad would pass away just two months after this reunion, leaving only the three in this photo: Uncle Harold, Aunt Mina and Uncle Lee. (They are clustered toward the lower right of the photo.) Lee’s wife Aunt Marie is seated next to him. Also present from that generation is Uncle Ed’s widow, Aunt Helen, seated next to Donna, third row from the back, a little left of the middle.

Of the Hulshof siblings, I believe only Persis and Bill remained. (Richard passed away in 1997. I don’t have any information about Charlotte, so I can’t be certain whether she was still alive in 2001.) Persis (in a wheelchair) and Bill (next to her) are on the left side of the photo toward the front. Bill’s wife Dorothy is to the right of Persis’ knees.

Beyond that, I leave it to you to figure out who everyone is.

As I mentioned, Dad would pass away two months after this reunion. Uncle Harold a year and a half later. Uncle Lee passed away in 2010. And of course Aunt Mina may outlive us all.

On the Hulshof side, Bill passed away in 2005 and Persis in 2006.

So this reunion may well prove to have been the last one for these families that had been getting together from time to time since at least 1927.

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