John and Mina 8th grade graduation, 1929

Just a few more photos of the younger siblings and we’ll move on.

These two photos were taken in connection with the Eighth Grade Graduation of John and Mina in 1929 (May or June, I presume). The first photo clearly has the Jefferson house in the background. I presume the second was taken in the yard or somewhere nearby. I’m guessing Dad was the photographer.

Evidently John and Mina graduated from the 8th grade at the same time, even though John was 20 months older than Mina. John was a couple of months over 14 years old, which seems like a typical age to graduate from 8th grade. Mina was 12 and a half, so she must have skipped a grade. (My initial thought was that John’s rheumatic fever put him behind a year, and they ended up in the same grade that way. But their ages don’t seem to bear that out.)

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  1. Donna wrote:

    Aunt Mina told us at her 100th birthday party that Aunt Ann had basically “homeschooled” her all the first grade material so that when they moved to Millersburg, the teacher didn’t know what to do with her, so they put her in the 2nd grade. So she started public school as a 2nd grader even though she was 6.

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