About This BLOG

This blog exists to publish family photographs from the archives of Lloyd Evert Wright and Florence Lavon (McClain) Wright. My goal is to publish one photograph (or set of related photographs) per day, hence the “Historical Photo of the Day” name for the blog. These photos might be of interest to anyone who knew Lloyd or Florence, or who is related to them in some way. This might include someone descended from any of the following:

  • William Perkins Wright and Angeline (Hawkins) Wright
  • Evert Jan Hulshof and Willemina (Veldhoen) Hulshof
  • John Edwin Wright and Willemina Aleida (Hulshof) Wright
  • Gerrit Willem Hulshof and Charlotte Mary (Wright) Hulshof
  • Nathan Coffee McClain and Mary Elizabeth McClain
  • John William Hammell and Sarah Mellisa (Rine) Hammell
  • Arthur Blaine McClain and Addie May (Hammel) McClain

Comments, corrections and questions are welcome. Feel free to leave a comment on the blog post you are interested in.

Hope you enjoy these photos!