Mom and Dad’s 50th wedding anniversary group – 1983

This photo was taken at a reunion of the Wright and Hulshof families on the occasion of Mom and Dad’s 50th wedding anniversary. The reunion was held at Fishermen’s Bend Park east of Salem.

I’m sorry about the people that got cut off at the edges of the frame, especially the unidentifiable person on the left edge. At some point I’ll try to dig out the original negative and see whether I can recover the edges of the frame better, but sadly I just don’t have time to do that right now. Also unfortunate about the faces that are partially hidden behind others.

By 1983, John and Minnie Wright had passed away along with two of their nine children: Uncle John Perkins Wright in 1935, of heart damage resulting from having had rheumatic fever, and Aunt Ann Wright Saxton of cancer in 1978. Also by 1983 Gerrit and Lottie Hulshof had passed away, but as far as I know all of their four children were still living.

Of the “double cousin” offspring of those two couples, the following are in this picture, along with many of their children and grandchildren: Irvine Wright, Lloyd Wright (Dad), Ed Wright, Earl Wright, Harold Wright, Mina Wright Keller, Lee Wright, Persis Hulshof Nygren Wright (who by this point had married her cousin Earl) and Bill Hulshof.

Even if I knew the names of all the people in this photo (and I don’t), it would be a challenging task to list those names in a way that would associate name with face. So I’m not going to try. But in broad general terms, working sort of right to left: Uncle Irvine and his descendants are in the back on the right. Dad and Mom and their descendants are in front and to the left of Uncle Irvine’s. Kind of in the middle from front to back are Uncle Ed and Aunt Helen and their descendants. To the left of Uncle Ed’s are the Hulshof group, including Aunt Persis, her brother Bill and his wife Dorothy (“Dash”) and some of their descendants. Working left, next in the back are Uncle Earl and his descendants. And to the left and in front of them are Uncle Harold and his wife and step-children (I think). Next to the left toward the back are Aunt Mina and Uncle Marion, then Uncle Lee and Aunt Marie. I don’t know who the gentleman in back behind them is, nor do I know who the ladies in front of them on the left edge of the picture are, nor the lady who is almost completely cut off on the left edge. If you can identify any of these for me, I’d be grateful.

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