John & Sarah Hammell, Studio Portrait, c. 1910

This seems to be a second studio portrait of John and Sarah Hammell, taken at the same sitting as the one in this earlier post (judging from the clothing). In the earlier one, John was sitting in a high-backed chair and Sarah had her hand on the back of the chair. But here John is in a low-backed chair, and Sarah has her hand (actually arm) on his shoulder, in a pose somewhat similar to photo in yesterday’s post. They do make a handsome couple, I think.

One thought on “John & Sarah Hammell, Studio Portrait, c. 1910”

  1. Nice to see a slight smile out of Gpa…especially because he is often looking so stern! Would love…at this very point ….to have a conversation with them to know so much more about them at this stage of their lives!

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