Mystery Women in Tallman, c. 1940

Somehow a mystery seems appropriate for All Hallows Eve (that is, the eve of All Saints Day), although there is nothing creepy or spooky about this mystery.

Here are photos of two women. Both were taken on the McClain farm in Tallman. I don’t recognize either woman. It could be a relative or a friend in the Tallman area, or who knows? I imagine these photos were taken in the late 1930s or early 1940s. If you recognize either woman (or both), please speak up! Thanks.

When I first came across the print of this photo, I thought the woman was Grandma Addie McClain. But after scanning it and seeing it closer up, I realized it was not. So I don’t know who this is.

This woman looks vaguely like Shirley Briggs Elliott, Mom’s (Florence’s) friend from nursing school. But she would have been only about 30 at this time, so I don’t think it could be her. I’m not aware that Shirley’s mother (who appeared in a photo in this previous post) had any relationship with Grandpa Arthur or Grandma Addie McClain, and this person doesn’t quite match Mrs. Briggs’ appearance in that other photo anyway. So… another mystery, at least to me.

Anyone recognize these ladies?