M. Mina Wright, 1928, c. 1930

This is the sixth in a series on the pages of Dad’s photo album dedicated to each of his siblings. Today’s page is the one dedicated to his sister Mina.

This is a view of the entire photo album page dedicated to Mina.

According to Dad’s notations on the album page, the photo of Mina standing on the porch of her parents’ home in Jefferson was taken in 1928. Mina was born in late 1916, so she would have been 11 or 12 in this photo. I think Dad probably took all three photos, but I’m less sure of this one because the print is not typical of his prints. The pose on the porch is consistent with his photos of the other siblings, though.

The other two photos were evidently taken after May 1930, so Mina would have been 14-ish in those. This photo of her in a Colonial era costume was taken in front of the house in Jefferson. Presumably the costume was for a school play or event of some kind.

I’m not sure where the photo of her in the rowboat was taken.

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