Mina Wright, Huntington Park, 1936

I mentioned in a previous post that Aunt Mina Wright moved from Jefferson to the Los Angeles area in January 1936 in order to attend business college. During that year, she evidently had this lovely studio portrait taken in Huntington Park. She was 20 years old at the time, or nearly so.

4 thoughts on “Mina Wright, Huntington Park, 1936”

  1. What a beauty!! But, why did she go to LA for Business College, when Oregon had several close by? Know there is a reason. Just my curiosity!

    1. I can’t claim to know what was in Aunt Mina’s head, but I speculate that these were some of the factors:

      • She was 20 years old and tired of the Jefferson of the 1930s and her parents’ living conditions. One can hardly blame her.
      • Los Angeles was the “happening place” for business at that time.
      • She seems to have had a close relationship with her Uncle Charles and Aunt Persis McCormack (Persis was Grandpa John Wright’s youngest sister), and in particular with her cousin Eleanor McCormack, who was just a year younger than she was. You will recall that Eleanor was a bridesmaid in Aunt Mina’s wedding.

      Whatever the case, L.A. must have worked well for her, considering she spent the rest of her life there (and at this point that isn’t likely to change).

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