The Daughters, 1927-1929

Two more photos from Dad’s album, this time the subjects are his sisters, Anna (Aunt Ann) and Mina (Aunt Mina).

The first was taken June 19, 1927. (That was Uncle Lee’s 9th birthday. Perhaps the girls were dressed up for a celebration of it.) At this time Aunt Ann (L) was 20 and Aunt Mina was 10½.

It is interesting to compare the above photo with the one below, taken two years later, in summer 1929.

Aunt Mina (L) was now 12½ and Aunt Ann was 22. I suppose it is no surprise that Aunt Mina would have shot up in height in those two years. She was at the age when that happens. But it is still a striking change for her to go from about shoulder-height to Aunt Ann, to being (to my eye at least) a few inches taller than Aunt Ann.

I don’t know where either photo was taken. The top one might have been in the yard of the Jefferson house somewhere. Wherever the bottom photo was taken, it was evidently a location Dad liked for taking photos. It looks like the spot where he also took a photo of Ed (same car, even) and of Harold, at least.

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