Harold B. Wright, c. 1930

This is the fifth in a series on the pages of Dad’s photo album dedicated to each of his siblings. Today’s page is the one dedicated to his brother Harold.

This is a view of the entire photo album page dedicated to him.

Harold wins the prize for most photos on his page. I believe all the photos were taken by Dad except the portrait. (The portrait may have been a school picture…?) Harold looks like he enjoyed being a photography model for Dad.

I’m not sure where these photos were taken–probably locations around the Jefferson area. Dad dates the photos to 1930 “or later”. Since Dad was in California until May 1930, these photos must have been taken after that. Dad lived with the family in Jefferson (and paid rent) between May 1930 and his marriage to Mom in July 1933. So he would have had plenty of opportunities to take photos of Harold and his younger siblings during that time.

Uncle Harold Bell Wright had a name that was unique among his siblings. Where the names of all the rest came (at least in part) from members of their parents’ extended families, Harold’s name did not, as far as I know. I don’t know where “Harold” came from. I have been reliably informed (see the comment on this post) that “Bell” came from the name of the midwife in Alberta who helped deliver him. Her name was Bell (sometimes spelled Belle) Watrous.

Coincidentally there was a best-selling author in the early 1900s named Harold Bell Wright. I don’t know whether Grandma and Grandpa had ever heard of him at the time that Uncle Harold was born. I am not aware of any connection between the author’s name and Uncle Harold’s.

Uncle Harold turned 17 in 1930 and graduated from high school in 1931.

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