Fifth Ascent of Marys Peak, 1932

This photo album page covers Dad’s fifth ascent of Marys Peak on Labor Day (September 5), 1932.

The group for this ascent consisted of Dad, Mom (they were not yet married), Mom’s friend from nurse’s training Dorothy Weeks Holmes, Dorothy’s husband boyfriend (perhaps fiance at this point) George Weeks, Mom’s sister (Aunt) Betty, and Betty’s friend whose name (I think) was Marian Morris. I don’t know for sure that Dorothy and George were married at this point. Dorothy and Mom had a friendship that lasted the rest of their lives.

These photos were taken near the top of Marys Peak;

From left: Marian Morris, Betty McClain, Lloyd Wright, Florence McClain, Dorothy Holmes. Photo was probably taken by George Weeks.
From left: Lloyd Wright, Florence McClain, Dorothy Holmes, George Weeks.

5 thoughts on “Fifth Ascent of Marys Peak, 1932”

  1. Kathryn wrote:

    I can’t imagine climbing Mary’s peak in dresses and skirts!! How times have changed!! These are such great, “never-seen-before” pictures. Mom’s close relationship with Dorothy Weeks is certainly evident!! What precious pictures!! So glad to see them!

    1. Any one of us would consider ourselves blessed to have a friendship of the sort Mom had with Dorothy Weeks, that carried on through marriage, kids, aging… and separation by 1000 miles or so through most of it.

  2. I have this photo as well. Names on the back include Dorothy Holmes. Place is Mary’s Peak. Date is Sept 5, 1932

    1. Thank you for reminding me of Dorothy Weeks’ maiden name. Perhaps Dorothy and George weren’t yet married at this time.

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