Wright Family Inside 406 N. Geary, c. 1938

This photo has a lot of problems. It is a double exposure (you see Dad’s head looking down, but also a faint image of it looking up, also you can see through Mom’s right arm to the couch behind it). Donna is transformed into a glowing orb with feet. Despite all this, it is still a nice view of the family reading together.

Kathryn is in Mom’s lap, Donna is the glowing orb between Mom and Dad, and Clara is on the right, intently looking at the book in Dad’s lap.

The photo was taken inside the Wright residence at 406 N. Geary St., Albany, and the location is the same as the last two photos in this post.

2 thoughts on “Wright Family Inside 406 N. Geary, c. 1938”

  1. Adorable picture of Clara….and also a really nice picture of Mom…especially relaxed, being the Mom of 3 small kids! Thanks for the window into the past…like 80+ yrs ago!!

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