Big Two, Fall 1937; Big Three, Christmas 1938

It follows that before there was a “Big Three,” there must have been a “Big Two.” Here is a rare photo of that “Two” level of bigness, evidently taken in fall 1937.

Donna and Clara Wright on the porch of 406 N Geary. It appears that Donna is explaining everything to Clara.

And here is a photo of the Big Three that was probably taken around Christmas 1938.

Donna, Kathryn and Clara Wright inside the house at 406 N Geary.

This photo is very similar to one from this earlier post, except in the above, the children are in pajamas and in the one below from the earlier post, they are dressed up. Nevertheless, it appears the photos were taken around the same time.

Donna, Kathryn and Clara Wright, Christmas 1938

2 thoughts on “Big Two, Fall 1937; Big Three, Christmas 1938”

  1. So adorable of Donna & Clara …especially in the middle picture. I remember that “Indian blanket”. Think it was used until it was in shreds!

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