John Hammell & Dog, Tallman, Late 1930s

When I first pulled this photo out, between its small size and the degree of fading, I thought Great Grandpa John Hammell was holding a chicken—which would have been quite peculiar. After scanning and some tidying up, it became clear he was holding a dog. Kind of a cute dog, actually.

Even that strikes me as strange. You can correct me if I’m wrong, but overall the photos of Great Grandpa Hammell don’t give the impression that he was an “animal person.” Maybe I’m misinterpreting his expression in the photo, but to me he doesn’t look all that comfortable holding the dog.

It is difficult to guess even a year for this photo. Great Grandpa Hammell’s overall appearance seems to best match how he looked in the late 1930s. By that time, though, Grandpa Arthur and Grandma Addie would have been “empty-nesters.” Would they have had a dog at that point? Maybe those of you who remember being on the Tallman farm can comment.

Questions aside, it is kind of an entertaining photo of Great Grandpa Hammell.

3 thoughts on “John Hammell & Dog, Tallman, Late 1930s”

  1. Hope Donna can speak to this question. That is certainly Gpa McClain’s barn, but I don’t ever remember seeing Gpa Hammell at the farm.

  2. Oh, yes, Grandpa and Grandma McClain certainly did have dogs there on the farm when I was a little girl. Great Grandpa Hammell definitely does not look comfortable holding the dog!
    Yes. that is Grandpa’s barn!

    1. Thanks, Donna, for confirming that Grandpa and Grandma had dogs on the farm in “your era.”

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