Florence McClain & Neighbor(?), Albany, c. 1914

This is an interesting photo…

You may need to click/tap the image above to see a larger version, to make out all the details.

This photo is interesting for its perspective, fairly low to the ground and looking down the sidewalk even though the “action” is to the left.

It is also interesting because it isn’t really clear who any of the subjects are. I’m reasonably sure the girl sitting on the steps is Florence McClain (Mom). The haircut matches how Mom’s hair was cut at that time, and she almost always had a bow in her hair. But it’s impossible to know who the man standing on the porch next to her is. And I don’t know who the girl (I assume it’s a girl) sitting on the tricycle is.

The situation is interesting. The girl on the tricycle looking up at Mom. Mom looking down to her while eating something, maybe(?). The photo isn’t clear enough to identify what she is holding up to her face.

One thing that isn’t in doubt is the location. This is the McClain residence at 1027 E. Seventh, Albany.

Ideas welcome.

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