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Hammells & McClains, 1930

This photo surprised me when I came across it. For one thing, John Hammell is actually in the photo (with his ever-present hat) rather than behind the camera. (I’m guessing this photo was taken by Uncle Barney.) But most significantly, this photo was taken when Margaret was alive.

From left: Sarah Hammell, Betty McClain, John Hammell, Florence McClain, Addie McClain holding baby Margaret, Arthur McClain. Photo possibly taken by Bernard McClain.

An account of Margaret’s short life was given in this post (←as with any green link on this blog, click or tap if you wish to take a look).

This photo seems to have been taken in front of the McClain house in Tallman. From the way people are dressed, it appears to be a comfortably warm day and there are flowers on the bush behind the group. So springtime, probably April or May, making Margaret six or seven months old.

In 1930, Easter was was on April 20, which fits the estimated time frame. If this is Easter, it could explain why Mom (Florence) and Uncle Bernard (if he took the photo) were home from Portland (nursing school and business school).

It is difficult to see Grandma Addie’s face clearly, since she is in the shadows. And possibly I’m reading too much into the photo, knowing the end of the story. But to me she looks so grim. On top of the emotional toll, she was probably physically exhausted from caring for Margaret.