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Sarah Hammell and Grandchildren, Tallman, c. 1926

This is Sarah Hammell with her grandchildren, on the farm in Tallman about 1926:

Back: Bernard McClain, Sarah Hammell, Florence McClain. Front: Betty McClain, Billy Hutchins, Pat Hutchins

This photo appears to have been taken on the same occasion as the photo of the whole family in this post.

The Hammells seem to have kept this car for a number of years. The car in the photo, taken several years earlier, in this post, appears to be the same one. And although it is partially obscured, the car in the photo of the Hammell’s campsite, taken a couple of years after the above photo and included in this post, appears to be the same car, too. (Maybe an old car buff out there can identify the car.)

I imagine (Great Grandpa) John Hammell took this photo. I can’t guess why he posed everyone in front of the car (both in this photo and the one of the whole family).

If the number of photos of Great Grandma Hammell with her grandchildren is any indication, she must have been a great grandmother.