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Snow Peak, Summer 1962

Some of my siblings and I were reminiscing in the last couple of weeks about a hike we and our McClain and Scott aunts, uncles and cousins took in summer 1962, to the top of Snow Peak. Surprisingly, the photo below was the best I could come up with of the group that went on that hike. I hope to find a better one or ones (or a better scan of this one). This is a scan of an ink-jet print of a scan of what I imagine to have been the original negative or slide, somewhat degraded over the years. The result is color shifted with exaggerated contrast. In addition, the scan of the ink jet print created a pattern of faint lines across the photo. All that to say that I apologize for the quality of this image.

Judging from the number of cameras in this photo, one would think there should be a lot of other photos of this trip floating around.

But with that introduction, here is the group…

My brother Art Wright took this photo, so he is behind the camera. But there seem to be some other people missing that I thought I remembered were on this trip. But of the people here, I will embarrass myself by trying to identify everyone I think I can. Suggestions and corrections welcome. (Names will be given as they were at the time the photo was taken.)

In the back row, from left: Beverly Wright, Barney McClain, Lee Scott (crouching), Unidentified #1, Unidentified #2, Florence Wright, Lloyd Wright.

Middle row: The lovebirds Clara Wright and Ted Dyrness (who would be married soon after this trip), Dorothy Wright, holding (I think) Becky Wright, Judy McClain, Janet McClain (not sure), Joyce McClain (sort of in front of Janet)

Front row: Dan Wright, Kathryn Wright, Lloyd Wright (Jr.), Mark Rachel Scott


“Unidentified #1” is, I suspect, Betty Scott. But it’s just too dark and noisy to get a recognizable face (for me, anyway).

“Unidentified #2” may be Nancy Scott, but with her face partially blocked, I can’t tell for sure.

I would have sworn that Rachel Mark and Susan Scott were on this trip, but they don’t seem to be in this photo. I also would have thought that Esther, Jill and Jodi McClain would have been on this trip, too, but maybe not.

The group is standing on and around a fire lookout building that is no longer on the peak. As you can see, it was looking a bit dilapidated in 1962. According to Wikipedia, the lookout building in the above photo was constructed in 1923 and substantially remodeled in 1929. Ironically, it was damaged by fire in 1948, caused by the resident fire lookout. It was essentially destroyed by wind during the Columbus Day Storm just a few months after the above photo was taken. A new lookout building was constructed in 1965, and dismantled in 1980.