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Wrights And McClains, 1928

At the end of Mom’s photo album (the last two pages, for our purposes), the Wrights suddenly appear. The photos on these pages are ones that have already been posted (because they were also in Dad’s photo album), but Mom’s captions provide at least one correction.

From left: Bernard McClain, Harold Wright, Edwin Wright, Irvine Wright, Lloyd Wright, Anna Wright. (Click/tap the image to bring up the corrected original post featuring it.)

I originally identified the person on the left as the younger Charles McCormack, but Mom’s caption identifies him as Uncle Barney (he would have been 16 years old at the time).

Also when I originally posted this photo I didn’t know where it had been taken. Having gone through Mom’s photos, I now recognize this as the McClain farm in Tallman, so Uncle Barney’s presence in the photo makes perfect sense.

Finally, as suggested in the original post featuring the above photo, it seems evident that this photo and the two below were taken on the same day. If this is true, it shows that Mom was with this group. Perhaps she took the above photo with Dad’s camera.

I made minor corrections to the original posts featuring the two photos below also, concerning the location and time of year. It seems clear that these were all taken on the McClain farm in Tallman on a particular day in the summer of 1928.

Anna Wright. (Click/tap the image to bring up the corrected original post featuring it.)
Florence McClain and Anna Wright. (Click/tap the image to bring up the corrected original post featuring it.)

One thing that is interesting about the above three photos is that they were taken after the Wrights had moved to Jefferson. So it wasn’t just a walk down the railroad tracks from Goltra to get to Tallman, as it had been in 1926 and 1927. In fact, at this point the Wright siblings were not all living in the same place, even. So it took planning for all of them to end up at the McClain farm together. This reflects the established relationship with the McClains that was built over a couple of years before the 1928 appearance of the Wrights in Mom’s photo album.

The final “Wright” photo on these last two pages of Mom’s photo album is another that was posted before.

Lloyd Wright. (Click/tap the image to bring up the original post featuring it.)

This photo in Mom’s album reflects the budding relationship she and Dad had at this point. In some respects the relationship would lie more or less dormant for the three years after this as Mom went through nursing school and Dad worked for Zehrs, moved to California, came back, and finally found stable employment in Albany. It would grow again once they were both back in Albany in summer 1931, But that’s another chapter…