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Scenery Photos 2

This is a second page of scenery photos in Dad’s photo album. (Third if you count the photos of Silver Creek Falls.)

The first photo on this page is a photo of Snow Peak from below, taken in 1932. Dad notes that it was taken “from about two miles down the trail.” One can barely see the fire lookout on top of the peak.

The other photo on this page is a photo of Mount Hood reflected in Lost Lake, taken in fall 1929.

This photo taken in fall 1929 plus the photo taken in the Columbia Gorge in the same time frame suggests that Dad may have taken a trip through this area in September 1929 before heading to California with Uncle Ed. Perhaps he quit at Peter Zehr’s so he could take such a trip before leaving the state. (I’m speculating.) In any case, the trip around Mount Hood and through the Columbia Gorge had to take place early in September, since by late that month he was in California.