Charles J McCormack, early 1930

It seems that those Wright siblings were always going somewhere. Even while they were living in Richmond they didn’t stay put, as today’s photo seems to show. This photo must have been taken in front of the McCormack home in Huntington Park, California (near Los Angeles). And since Dad is specific that it was taken in early 1930, we know it was taken while he was living in Richmond.

This is the younger Charles McCormack, son of Charles Eugene McCormack and Persis Helen Wright McCormack (Grandpa’s younger sister). He was about 16.

This comes from a photo album page with the caption “Charles & Eleanor in Early 1930.” Unfortunately the photo of Eleanor is missing. Hope to come across it at some point.

All through the mid-1920s the McCormacks lived near the Hulshofs in what is now Millersburg, Oregon. But by 1930 they had moved to Huntington Park. Evidently Dad (and probably his siblings) drove there from Richmond to visit them.

The diary Dad kept in 1925 and 1926 (while the family was living in the Goltra house) records that the Wrights frequently got together with the Hulshofs, the McCormacks, or both. And we have the 1927 Waterloo picnic photo to illustrate that. So making a trip to Huntington Park from Richmond to visit their aunt, uncle and cousins probably seemed like a natural thing to do.

I could be wrong about this (and I would appreciate comment from my older siblings and cousins), but it seems as though Dad, at least, lost contact with his McCormack cousins later in life. At least I don’t recall ever hearing that name as I was growing up.

The younger Charles and his sister Eleanor eventually had a much younger brother Eugene, born three years after this photo was taken. The information I have says that Eugene was born in Oregon. It would be interesting to know how that came about, since all signs point to McCormacks’ residing in the Los Angeles area at the time.

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  1. Hi!

    I am Eugene’s granddaughter. He was born in Oregon then lived in Cook County, IL before the family moved to LA. Charles Sr. was a professor at university of chicago and wrote some textbooks so that must have been what brought them back and forth.

    The McCormack family lost touch until about 10 years ago as Charles and Eugene both divorced and there was a very large age gap (naturally) between the cousins. Eleanor’s granddaughters, and Eugene’s side are on the east coast and Charles has 3 kids (and great grand kids) still within an hour of Whittier, 1 near SF and 1 that passed away recently but who’s kid and grandkids live in FL. Eleanor had 2 daughters, one died young and the other had 2 daughters. I believe she lived to be over 100 and so did Charles. Eugene died in his 40s and left behind my dad and his sister. The family is all reconnected now. I will pass this picture along to Charles’ boys!

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