Betty McClain – Lee Scott Wedding (again), July 18, 1937

Here is another photo from the wedding of Betty McClain and Lee Scott. The details of the wedding are in this previous post. I won’t repeat them here.

Here are the happy bride and groom.

It surprises me how much Aunt Betty looks like her older sister Florence in some photos, and really not at all in others. This is one, I think, where she really does look quite a bit like Mom (Florence), though not entirely (mostly from the nose up). Funny how that works.

It always seemed weird to me, growing up, that I had two Uncles named “Lee”—Lee Scott (in the photo above) and Lee Wright (see the posts of the previous two days). This made one Uncle Lee on each side of the family. I don’t know why that seemed weird. It just did.

As I was thinking about this just recently, it occurred to me that there is another thing that is unusual about these two Uncle Lees (or is it “Uncles Lee,” like “attorneys general”?). In both cases, “Lee” is actually the uncle’s middle name—Lowell Lee Scott and Gerrit Lee Wright. Why couldn’t at least one of them have gone by their given first name? Then there wouldn’t have been any confusion. It’s just weird. At least it is to a little kid who is trying to figure out how the world works—and to his much older alter ego. ;–)

2 thoughts on “Betty McClain – Lee Scott Wedding (again), July 18, 1937”

  1. You are much closer to my age than you are to my mother’s age, and I agree with you, I remember thinking it was pretty weird to have two uncle Lees. Of course at that time I had no idea that they were both going by their middle name, but whenever I found out that someone was going by his middle name, I thought that was weird, too. So double Lees, double weird.

  2. You are correct, Lloyd; Aunt Betty in some photos looks like her sister and in others doesn’t. But it is also true that she always looked the same regardless of her age. She was easily identifiable.

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