Ray and Ellery McClain Families, 1925-1950 or so

Here are three two photos related to the Ray McClain family, and one to the Ellery McClain famliy. Ray was and Ellery were Arthur McClain’s younger brothers. A synopsis of Ray’s life is in this previous post, and a synopsis of Ellery’s life is in this previous post.

Walt and Gordon McClain, first two children of Ray and Grace McClain. This must have been taken around 1926, when Walt would have been three and Gordon would have been two. The family was living in Albany at this time.
The man second from the left is Ray McClain. That much I know. Not sure where or when this photo was taken. It could be Newport, Washington sometime between 1930 and 1949, or possibly the Salem, Oregon area after 1949. A note on the back of the photo reads: “The salesman by Ray has been transferred. The girl is stenog. [stenographer]. The past manager is blind. He is standing by the stenog.” The reference to “past manager” seems to imply that Ray had just become manager of this Mountain States Power office.
Oh dear! I was way wrong on this one. I originally wrote that this was the Ray McClain family, but I have been reliably informed that this is actually the Ellery McClain family. Ellery and Leota are in front on the left. Their daughter Ruth is in front on the right. In the back, from left, are Leland, Claire and Eldon. (I previously had Claire and Leland reversed.) I’m guessing this photo dates to about 1945.

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  1. I have corrected the caption on the last photo in this post. I was in error thinking it was the Ray McClain family. Actually it is the Ellery McClain family. My apologies for the error. Thank you for the correction, Kathryn.

  2. Hello! My husband is Leland’s grandson. Leland is the man in the far left, top row of the bottom image.

    1. Thank you for this correction, AnnaMae. I have edited the post to reflect this.

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