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at the services for Uncle Earl, Jefferson, Nov 1991

Uncle Earl passed away in November 1991. Services were held at Jefferson Christian Church. Two photos taken at that time form the next “chapter” in our series of group photos.

As I mentioned regarding the previous PotD, by 1983 the original nine Wright siblings had been reduced to seven. With the passing of Uncle Irvine in 1989 and then Uncle Earl in 1991, that number was further reduced to five.

This first photo is of those siblings (well, four of the five–Uncle Harold was not present). You probably don’t need me to give you the names, but from left: Ed, Lloyd, Mina, and Lee.

Unfortunately the original photo was badly out of focus. What I’ve attached here is the best that my Photoshop expert (Art) could do with it. It is much better than the original, but I wanted to explain why you might notice some unusual artifacts.

This second photo is the group of cousins (grandchildren of John and Minnie) who attended the services for Uncle Earl. Again you probably don’t need names, but just in case, the rows from left to right:

Back: Larry, Dan, Lloyd, Joanne, Neal

Middle: John, Clara, Earl, Julie, Dorothy

Front: Art, Kathryn, Ann Louise, Bob, Donna