Art Wright & Jim Scott, c. August 1940

As has been mentioned before, Art Wright was born on Independence Day, 1940. His cousin Jim Scott was born less than a month later. I imagine this photo was taken sometime in August, probably?

Here are Florence Wright (L) and Betty Scott (R) with their baby firstborn sons, Arthur Edwin Wright and James Lane Scott.

Art was born 80 years to the day after his great-grandfather, John Hammell. During the remainder of Great-Grandpa Hammell’s life (he lived to be 95), it was not unusual for his and Art’s birthdays to be celebrated together. This post shows one such celebration in 1945.

And today, Art himself celebrates his 80th birthday. As far as I know, he won’t be having a great-grandson born today to carry on the tradition ;–). In past years he has tried to “steal” two of his sister’s granddaughters who were born around his birthday (July 3 and July 5), insisting that they should be named “Arthurina I” and “Arthurina II.” Sadly these names have not received widespread recognition. ;–) But that is as close as he has come to a “descendant” born on his birthday.

Happy 80th birthday, bro! I hope, like our great-grandfather, you have many more to come.