Tallman Sewing Club, c. 1925

The only thing that seems clear about this photo (both literally and figuratively) is that it is a group photo of a sewing club. It was way off of level, which I tried to correct, and was significantly out of focus, and sadly still is even with correction.

The meaning of the caption in Mom’s photo album, beyond “sewing club” is unclear. The actual caption, right below the photo, looks like this:

(I have increased the contrast to bring out the details of the writing as much as possible.) The writing at the lower left looks like Roman numeral “two,” but I’m not sure what that would mean. Ideas welcome.

Since this group seems to include some adults, I’m guessing it is associated with the Tallman community rather than the school. (Also I suspect Mom was in high school when this photo was taken.)

Mom (Florence McClain) is third from the right. I can’t identify anyone else in the photo. The big change in this photo from others of Mom that we have seen recently is that she went from very long hair to a fairly short hairstyle. Since her hair seems to have been long up to eighth grade, perhaps she went to a shorter hairstyle for high school. (Guessing.)