John & Sarah Hammell in their Car, 1912 (Again)

This photo is similar in many ways to a photo in a previous post, of John and Sarah Hammell and friends in a 1912 Cadillac Model 30 Touring Car. This one is not as sharp as the previous one, and shows them in a different location. (If you know where the house in the background is, please leave a comment indicating where.)

Judging from the clothing and the hats, it appears that this photo was probably taken on the same occasion as the one in the previous post. The ladies in the back seat seem to be the same ones as in the other photo, but the man in back appears to be different in the two photos.

Strangely, this photo seems to have been printed backward. As nearly as I can tell from photos on the Internet, the car had the toolbox on the left running board and the spare tire on the right running board, but the photo as printed had the toolbox on the right. Also the people in the car were reversed from the other photo. Flipping it produced the above image, which is now consistent with the other photo and with what is known about the car.

At first glance, the window at upper left appears to have a piece broken out of it (at least it looked that way to me). But the dark area is just a reflection of the eaves in front of the window.

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  1. This is probably trivia in a truly nostalgic image: The most convincing support of your “reversed image” theory is that the 1912 Cadillac steered form the right-hand side, as it does now in both your images of this car. “By 1912, the popular Reo had the steering wheel on the left. Buick and Hudson joined the “left hand control” in 1914, and Cadillac caught up with the trend in 1915.” A driver of the 1912 Cadillac says, “When I’m going down the road, I can’t see anything behind me because I’m on the right and the back of the car is six feet high…” Also, the lack of focus in the “reversed image” MIGHT be because the emulsion of the negative was on the wrong side when printing.

  2. Very interesting….flip of the picture! Makes sense, tho. Good eyes, Lloyd!

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