Crater Lake Scenics, July 1933

After their wedding on July 9, 1933, Lloyd and Florence Wright (Dad and Mom) took a honeymoon trip to Crater Lake and Winchester Bay before returning home to Albany. While at Crater Lake, in addition to taking the world’s first selfie, Dad took at least these two scenic photos of the area.

This photo looks north across the lake, showing Mount Thielsen peeking over the crater rim. The reflection of the rim in the water is so clear that the photo almost looks natural when turned upside down. It isn’t obvious at this scale, but if you click/tap this image to see the larger one, you will see that roughly the left quarter of the photo is a little blurry compared to the sharpness of the right half. It looks as if the negative was not in good contact with the photo paper when the print was made.
The Phantom Ship (the island in the lake) sets sail in this photo looking more or less west along the south crater wall.

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  1. If you’d like to experience standing roughly where Dad was standing when he took these photos, you can do so via the following web addresses:

    Mt. Thielsen:,-122.07952688,1380.78427807a,5436.829929d,35y,-4.85831716h,82.50436183t,-0r?utm_source=earth7&utm_campaign=vine&hl=en

    Phantom Ship:,-122.07992305,2028.71390607a,449.89036845d,35y,-97.48106788h,80.00157943t,0.0017r?utm_source=earth7&utm_campaign=vine&hl=en

    It appears as though both photos were taken from about the same spot, just facing in different directions.

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