Mary McClain, 1929

This portrait of Mary McClain was given by her to Mom/Florence McClain at Christmas, 1929.

Mary was almost exactly four months younger than Mom (June 6 to October 7). But I suspect Mary’s “late” birthday put her a year behind Mom in school—meaning Mary graduated in 1929 while Mom had graduated in 1928. This portrait, then, is most likely Mary’s high school graduation photo.

This did not put Mary behind Mom in other ways, though. She married Carl Rundback April 29, 1933, just over two months before Mom and Dad married. (Interesting bit of trivia: Carl was born just one day before Mary.)

I believe Mary resided in the vicinity of Paxton, Nebraska her whole life. Carl and Mary’s spread there was called the Rundback Ranch. Evidently they took that over from Carl’s parents.

Mary barely beat Mom in longevity. She passed away in August 2003 (versus Mom’s September 2002). Carl passed away in 1981, so Mary ran the ranch for a long time by herself (possibly with the help of some or all of her three sons, Morton, Kent and Larry).

The ranch was liquidated in 2010.

Mary and Mom were not only cousins, but lifelong friends, from what I can tell. It is remarkable how close together the major milestones of their lives were.

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  1. I know I have mentioned this to some but I have a very vivid and fond memory of the visit that Mom and Dad and I made to the Rundback Ranch. It was such a serene location! But more than that, Mary and her family were such wonderful people. It was worth traversing the rutted, sandy road to get there. I was sorry that our stay was so short. Her brother Elmer lived nearby and was a real kick in the pants!

  2. Loved hearing Dan’s account of visiting Mary. Thanks for sharing this, Dan! Know Mom really felt close to Mary from what she said during our growing up years!!

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