Nathan McClain Family Portrait, c. 1895

As you can see, this portrait hasn’t had the easiest life. But then, it is 125 years old. This is a portrait of the Nathan McClain family, taken about 1895, presumably somewhere near Paxton, Nebraska. Quite a group!

Names, and ages in 1895, from left: Arthur, 11, Ray, 7, Jim, 14, Mae, 13, Nellie, 16, Nathan, 46, Clara, 2, Charlie, 20, Clyde, 4, Mary, 45, Bill, 18, Ellery, 6, Frank, 9

This blog has at least one post about each of Nathan and Mary’s children. If you want to find posts pertaining to a particular one of the children, probably the best way to do that is to click on the tag at the end of this post that bears the name of the child you are interested in.

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