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Extended Wright Family, August 1943

This group photo of the extended Wright family must have been taken in conjunction with the wedding of Uncle Lee and Aunt Marie. A note on the back of the photo indicates only that it was taken in 1943, which seems right based on the ages of the children. But Uncle Lee was on active duty in 1943, stationed in North Carolina. As I understand his movements, the only time he would have been in Albany that year is during the brief period he was on leave to return to Albany and marry Aunt Marie, in August.

This photo was taken behind the Lloyd Wright residence at 406 N Geary Street in Albany, overlooking the Willamette River. (You can catch a glimpse of the river in the background on the right edge of the image.)

Identifications (each row from left):

Back row: Lee Wright, Irvine Wright, John E. Wright (Grandpa)

Middle row: Lois Smith, Marie Gleason Wright (depending on whether this was before or after the wedding), Anna Wright, Helen Wright, Hannah Wright, Minnie Wright (Grandma), Florence Wright

Front row: Clara Wright, Donna Wright, Joanne Wright, Kathryn Wright, Bob Wright, Art Wright, John L. Wright, Dorothy Wright

Missing: Ed Wright was an Albany fireman at this time (I believe, though the Ed Wrights moved to Damascus sometime in 1943), so may have been on duty when this photo was taken. Perhaps Harold (who was in the wedding party, so was in the area) also had to work. Earl and Mina lived in California in 1943. However I had understood that Earl Jr. started living with Grandma and Grandpa in 1942, so I’m surprised he isn’t in this photo. Lloyd Wright is, I think, behind the camera.