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More of the “Big Three” at 406 N. Geary, Christmas 1938

Judging from the older girls’ dresses, these two photos of Donna, Clara and Kathryn Wright seem to have been taken on the same occasion as the Christmas 1938 photo in this post. Even though today’s two photos were apparently taken at the same time, they are not at all in the same condition.

This first one, taken outside the house is extremely faded and mottled. I’m not sure why. It was difficult to get a usable image from the print.

Kathryn (in the char) looks like she is having a good time. Donna (left) and Clara, maybe not so much. It must have been comparatively nice Christmas Day weather for this photo to have been taken outside. If it was chilly, as one would expect, that may explain the older girls’ expressions. Cute photo of the group, anyway.

This second photo was taken inside the house, but the girls seem to be wearing the same outfits as the previous Christmas 1938 photo, so I’m assuming it was taken the same day.

This was evidently a long exposure, since you can see the beads on the floor through Clara’s ghostly right foot (left). (That is, she moved her foot during the exposure.) It looks like her head moved a bit also, and likewise baby Kathryn moved on the couch. It almost looks as though Clara was falling asleep, but perhaps she just had her eyes closed. Donna (right) may have moved just a touch, but she did a very good job of sitting still through the exposure, for a four year old.