Florence McClain & Nursing School Friends, 1928-1931

These are some photos of Mom (Florence McClain) with friends during her years in nursing school (1928-1931).

A notation on the back of this photo identifies the person on the left as “me.” Sadly I don’t know who “me” is. (If you do, please speak up in the comments.) From left after “me”: Dorothy Holmes, Shirley Briggs (Dorothy’s roommate), Mom. They all look so young here (to my eye, at least), so I think this photo must have been taken in their first year (Fall 1928-Spring 1929). Dorothy, Shirley and Mom remained friends throughout their lives. Dorothy later married George Weeks. Shirley later married Bruce Elliot.
Superhero nurses wearing their capes. ;–) I cannot identify the one on the left. The one in the middle may be Shirley Briggs, but I’m not sure. Mom is on the right. They are all wearing nurse’s caps, though as this photo faded, the caps became indistinguishable from the sky. Parts of Mom’s cap show up against the dark bush behind her.
This photo must have been taken when Shirley Brigg’s mother came for a visit. Perhaps Shirley was the photographer. From left: Dorothy Holmes, Mrs. Briggs (Shirley’s mother), Mom. They’re all dressed up, though it is difficult to imagine someone wearing a hat like Mrs. Briggs’ when “dressed up!” It was a different era, I guess.