L E Wright family, Summer 1938

I drew a photo somewhat at random from the cache of photos on my desk, and this is the one that emerged. Today’s photo was taken on the porch of the house at 406 NE Geary St., Albany. I don’t imagine you need this, but for completeness, the names, from left, are Lloyd, Clara, Donna, Florence, Kathryn. Judging from the size of the relative newcomer to the group, Kathryn, I imagine this photo was taken in July or August of 1938.

Although Donna is not particularly showing her emotions here, you can be sure she is secretly elated that the “Big Three” are finally “three.” Clara, though, is just going for cuteness. Kathryn seems as yet unaware of the significance of her arrival.

The reign of the Big Three would prove to be short-lived, though. The arrival of brother Arthur just two years after this photo was taken would change everything. ;–)