Lloyd & Florence Wright, 1933

Have you ever wanted to have a few minutes alone with your sweetheart, but could never seem to get away from other people? You may recall this photo of Dad and Mom (Lloyd and Florence Wright) posted previously here.

Cute couple. You thought they were alone, sharing a romantic moment on a rocky hillside, right? Alas, consider today’s photo.

It is fuzzy, unfortunately, but you get the idea. Not exactly alone.

I don’t recognize any of these people, and they don’t seem to be the people that were on the hikes to the top of Cleveland Rock/Snow Peak in 1932 or 1933. I mention this because the first photo above was identified as having been taken on Cleveland Rock. I speculated in the original post of that photo that it may have been taken on Dad and Mom’s honeymoon to Crater Lake, since their clothes matched the ones in their honeymoon photo.

If today’s photo was taken on Cleveland Rock, it was evidently on a different hike than either of the ones documented elsewhere, and did not include family or friends. If it was taken on their honeymoon, perhaps the person they enlisted to take the first photo, on hearing that they were on their honeymoon, gathered these other people into the photo as a joke. Mom and Dad seem to be laughing, though it’s hard to tell for sure because of the fuzziness.

One curious thing is that Dad is holding a hat in today’s photo, where he wasn’t in the first one. He was not generally a hat-wearer, so the hat is doubly peculiar.